Alexis Crellin

I am the mother of three tow head hobbits that keep me on my toes (it’s a losing game let’s be honest). Athletic challenges captured my attention early through soccer where I found close friends and meaningful elective hardship. My parents are saints for sacrificing to get me to ODP Soccer programming in Portland (6 hours from my hometown of La Grande, OR). During university Political Science and Philosophy studies I competed in triathlons and dove into climbing, then grappled with some non-athletic challenges that will always require ongoing attention

Brennan and I met in 2010. We married and now enjoy the struggle of balancing the interests of two passionate mountain athletes (not to mention parenting, family, work, laundry, dishes, …).

Time has taught me that I am naturally more interested in variety than specificity. So I climb, cycle, swim, row… but try to focus most specifically on pushing mountain running objectives.

Athlete Resume


Mountain Running

Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (WURL) // FKT // Aug 24, 2019 // 21h 49m
Wasatch Ultimate Ridge Linkup (WURL) // FKT // Aug 9, 2015 - Jul 28, 2019 // 26h 25m

Broad Fork Twin (East) // Ascent FKT // August 24, 2019 // 2h 41m 42s

Silver Lake Peak // Ascent FKT // July 27, 2019 // 1h 51m 24s

Mount Timpanogos // Roundtrip FKT // August 13, 2018 // 2h 54m 27s

Pfeifferhorn // Roundtrip FKT // July 2, 2018 // 2h 29m 51s
Pfeifferhorn // Ascent FKT // July 2, 2018 // 1h 31m 51s

Mountain Racing

Speedgoat 50k // 3rd female // 2019 // 7h 2m 7s

River of No Return 50k // 1st female + course record, 4th overall // 2019 // 5h 57m 25s

Cirque Series - Brighton // 4th female // 2019 // 1h 27m 15s

Running Up for Air (RUFA), 12H // 1st female, 3rd overall // 2019 // 6 laps, 10h 30m

Cedar City Thunderbird 50k // 1st fem + course record, 5th overall // 2018// 6h 02m 38s

Squaw Peak 50mi // 4th female // 2013 // 10h 37m 47s



I find competition to be a motivator. However, I find comparison to be unhealthy and unfortunately common especially among women. Instead of contending with comparison, I am trying to focus on supporting the community of friendship and adventure fostered specifically by And She’s Dope Too.

And She’s Dope Too hosts rendezvous, retreats, clinics, and festivals to bring women together in an un-compromised atmosphere of inclusion. I participate, involve my own daughters, and even run clinics at their events. Be sure to say hi!